How Understanding Your Client Takes You a Long Way

You need to understand that a relationship between you and your client is two-way. In other words, aside from your employer considering your situation as a whole when it comes to assigning you tasks, you also have to give regards to his or hers as well. This is a bigger picture that some virtual assistants miss.

To make it clearer, one good example is when your client misses providing you a task for your shift. As a result, you kept on waiting during the day and you wasted your hours, which is not a good feeling for you as a virtual assistant who is paid by the hour. This is despite the fact your client does not mind to pay for your stagnant hours.

When the said type of situation arises, you should avoid acting hastily and bother your client repeatedly. Indeed, there will be cases that you should already have the initiative to reach out and ask for tasks, either via message or call. Still, you have to keep it to the minimum. Otherwise, you may end up becoming an annoyance to your client. Why? This is due to the fact that you fail to realize first what should have caused him or her from missing to provide you activities to carry out in a day.

Keep in mind that your client is most likely a person, who is filled with appointments to attend to, not to mention the other tasks he or she has to carry out daily. This is highly applicable if your client is a business person. This only means that there is a big responsibility on his or her shoulders. A simple task (for you) of giving a task may not be the case for him or her, especially now that it would consume his or her valued time.

Another good example of understanding your client’s situation is in terms of analyzing his or her mood. You cannot simply say that a person is not fond of you or having negative feelings towards you due to a simple “short and direct” reply. Be reminded, once again, that your client is a busy person. Thus, you could anticipate that your client will not even have plenty of time to speak with you or elaborate things further when you are inquiring about something. They would be straightforward as much as possible.

Do you know that some virtual assistants even encounter clients, who do not even communicate after sending tasks? Hence, consider yourself fortunate for having a busy client, who still finds time to support you.

By being an understanding virtual assistant to your client, you would have a better approach to dealing with him or her. You would not demand too much for attention or time. Instead, you will do your best to ensure exemplary work delivered to him or her without putting much pressure on his or her highly engaged life.

With a personality as such, your client will be more confident to trust you and work with you going forward. This could also be a ground for him or her to keep you for the long-term.

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