Never Misuse Your Privileges as a Virtual Assistant

You are a virtual assistant, who has the greatest benefit of working at home. Thus, you do not have to socialize with a lot of people while working, helping you focus more on your tasks. Also, your family is near your reach, giving you fewer worries even if you are on duty. This gives you the security to attend to your loved ones, particularly in times of emergencies. Furthermore, you have the convenience of not battling with traffic – simply open your PC or laptop, and you are good to go.

There are many advantages a virtual assistant could have besides the ones mentioned above. Unfortunately, not all seem to take it into account. There are ones, who still end up in the ill-use of their privileges, which should not be the case.

If you are a virtual assistant, you have this benefit of asking for leaves as easily as possible. Simply imagine how less disconcerting it can be to know that you do not have to see the facial expression of your client when asking for approval.

Due to this, there are some, who take advantage of this and make it a habit to be off-duty, stating various reasons relative to the matter. You should never establish such personality, for it will be your peril one day – easy dismissal from your job. Remember, your absence even in a day is already a great loss to your client. Many tasks will be delayed and your client may be off track, for you will not be there to assist him or her.

On the other hand, there are virtual assistants, who tend to abuse their privilege of having stagnant hours in a day. As a result, they do activities unrelated to their work, risking them in missing the urgent requests of their client. Be reminded that even if your client does not provide you work that would fill in your hours for the shift, this does not mean that he or she will never need you at unexpected times. In truth, the said hours are meant for you to stand by, specifically for emergency requirements.

Thus, if your client sends you a missive, you should at least be as responsive as possible. Remind yourself that you do not have work at those idle hours. This means that you have all the time in the world to attend to your client’s concerns.

Another good example of this matter is when a virtual assistant does not even set up a conducive workspace. As a result, whenever he or she speaks with his or her client, the latter would hear unnecessary background noises, resulting in distraction. Be reminded that even if you are home, you should at least keep your environment free from such, especially when communicating with your client. This will appear very unprofessional. Even if they understand you are at home, keep in mind that you are working and you should act like one.

Indeed, there are virtual assistants, who become less appreciative of their benefits as a home-based worker, but this does not mean you should be one. There are many ways to become an effective one, such as by starting to appreciate the advantages you got on hand.

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