Weekend Ideas for a Busybodied Virtual Assistant

You had a very busy week for certain, which is common among virtual assistants, gig workers, or freelancers around the world. Yes, there is this convenience to stay at home or work in your pajamas, but this does not mean that you do not encounter stress or even an anxiousness-causing situation one way or the other. You are still an employee who has to deliver output to your client or employer.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should drown yourself with uneasiness until the weekend. Remember, you own your weekend. Thus, there is no client, work, or even pressure that should come your way. If you want to make the most out of it, the first step is to keep yourself distant from your work even for a day or two.

Why? This is due to the fact relieving your mind and body from work could help you regain your strength, vigor, mental alertness, and even immunity from whatever sickness that could affect your feeble self.

There are various ways that you could make your weekend worthwhile. Given below are weekend ideas that could certainly help:

Visit a place you wanted to explore for a long time. Your life is not always about work. You should also have your me time or even a family excursion that could prove this. Try checking out the place you have wanted to visit – it may be a resort, mall, leisure park, or even a historical spot. It is somehow a means for you to reward yourself for the hard work during the past week.

Did you know that traveling could sharpen your mind, broaden your horizon, and even give you that exercise you have always missed? Well, now that you are aware of this, better plan out your next trip!

Find time to exercise. There is no doubt that physical fitness is one of the ways to a longer life. If you will concentrate on working solely, you may end up getting sick from too long sitting or stagnant lifestyle. Be reminded that your body has got to move, your muscles need revving up, and your limbs got to stretch as well.

You do not have to hit the gym as a way of doing this. You can simply check out routines you could do at home. By doing so, you would not regret it for you are not simply keeping your health in check, but also preparing yourself for the week ahead wisely.

Read a book. For some, this is totally insipid, but they are totally missing the heap of benefits reading can provide. Besides the fact you could expand your creativity and knowledge about lots of things, reading could also prevent your mind from lingering into your job-concerned worries.

Plus, books give you the sense of isolation, which is very helpful if you want to spend your weekend at home instead of venturing outside. While you are being transported to another realm, reading a book could maintain your cognitive stimulation. Furthermore, you could even broaden your vocabulary, which, of course, would help you in a lot of ways other than at work.

Join volunteering or charitable programs. If you are a person who prefers to feel fulfilled during your free time, you should try finding out about volunteering programs near your place. You could join an upcoming blood donation cause, whether you are the one to donate or the person to assist those who will. Alternatively, feeding programs or even awareness seminars could also work for you.

This will not simply give you the opportunity to help, but you could also improve your social skills. You have always been at home, so mingling with people in the flesh would certainly be a helpful factor for life.

Try out new recipes for yourself or your family. During the weekdays, it is anticipated that you would have limited time to take care of the cooking for yourself or your family. The tendency is, you buy from fast food chains or consume processed items. This could be deadly, if it ensues. Hence, to counterbalance your diet, you should try out healthy recipes to cook during the weekend.

The weekend is your chance to hone your cooking skills (if you are totally enthusiastic about kitchen work) and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. This could also be a bonding time for your family. Encourage them to join you so that despite being at home, you could find a way to spend the day fruitfully.

You should try out the aforementioned ideas if you want to make your weekend worthwhile. Do not simply snooze all day. According to Dr. Michael Breus, too much sleep could lead to health risks, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cognitive problems. Instead, make your weekend as helpful as possible for your mind and body.


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