Respect: A Trait That Every Virtual Assistant Should Have

Virtual assistants have the freedom to work as they please, as long as they provide the deliverable required of them. They could wear anything and neglect work clothes, if they prefer to. They could even work at their most convenient times, as long as their client allows to. Most importantly, they could spend more at home without worrying about their job. Their laptop is just an arm away for them to take care of things.

However, due to the aforementioned convenience, there is a tendency for a virtual assistant to neglect important factors in sustaining a healthy client-freelancer relationship. For instance, VAs tend to forget how important it is to connect with their employee. Apart from the work relationship becoming automated and seemed machinelike, virtual assistants could become less friendly towards their client.

Be reminded that you are still an employee regardless of the fact you are working remotely. Home-based job does not entail lack of personal touch with your work.

If you do not want to end up your job without a harmonious relationship to recollect in the future, you should start shaping your personality as it should be. One good start is to learn how to become respectful to your client or employer. In truth, there are so many ways to do so.

A few tips below may help:

Always start your shift in a positive note. How could you do this? It is simple. You just have to avoid forgetting the most important greetings – good morning, good evening, or good day. You should always initiate a beginning that would affect your client’s mood positively. Be reminded that positivity is contagious. Thus, make yourself a source of it.

Apart from the common greeting, never forget how essential asking how your client or employer is. No, this is not an act of uttermost comfort towards your superior. This is a way to show him or her that you do care despite your type of relationship. A client or an employer may not say it, but they prefer that their staff at least give credit to them even in the simplest way.

Accept your mistakes and lower your ego. Yes, you may be an experienced virtual assistant or even an accomplished professional outside your remote working space. However, this does not mean that you already have the privilege to disregard the corrections and criticisms of your client.

Hear your employer out when he or she is pointing something that did not turn out right. Accept if you are wrong. Otherwise, explain your side in a respectful manner.

If your employer is wrong no matter how you see it, but he or she kept on insisting his or her side, simply keep mum. Follow what he or she wants to happen, for in the end, the result will convey which of you is right.

Understand the personal space of your client or employer. There are virtual assistants who only focus on work that they forget that their client also needs their personal space. For instance, they still send messages or e-mails during the night despite knowing that their employer may be with his or her family at home already.

Although there are cases that urgency requires you to speak with your client even at night time or beyond working hours, you should always prioritize respecting the time he or she has left for himself or herself. If your inquiry could wait or you could find means to sort out your concern, then you should keep yourself from pressing the send button.

The provided tips above are just a few of what you can do to maintain respect in your personality. You should take note that employers do not retain their staff based on their skills alone, but also on how they deal with their superiors or co-workers.

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