Learn the Unheeded Power of Follow-ups

Follow-ups are often considered annoyance, which is why even virtual assistants forget and neglect how important it is. Do you know that it has immense power that you may be missing? Have you ever thought why some marketers usually take note of following up or reconnecting? This is not to cause repetitive offering of their products or services. Instead, it is one way of actually catching a client.

There are also reasons why you should consider follow-ups in your virtual assistance work as early as today. To begin with, the following facts will open your eyes relative to its efficacy:

Keeping your clients organized. It is understandable that clients are always filled with schedules and appointments to attend to. This means that you are hired as a virtual assistant for you need to at least keep your client aware of his or her upcoming endeavors. Yes, they do have calendars and software applications to remind them, but this does not mean that they would always notice it.

This is when follow-ups are best used. Before even a meeting starts, follow up with your client. This will not only help him or her be prepared but this may also open for early cancellation, if an urgent matter arises. At least, you can still reach out to other participants of the meeting and notify them of the unforeseen revocation.

Avoiding deadlines. If your client has a deliverable to submit to the management or company concerned, following up with him or her would definitely help. Similar to what has been indicated earlier, a client is anticipated to be filled with a lot of things to do, so he or she needs reminding.

This also goes the same with you. For instance, you will be missing the deadline if you still have not obtained clarification regarding the instructions of the tasks given to you. If you would follow up, you would urge your client to attend to your concerns right away; thus, avoiding your output from being late.

Tracking the progress of your team. Team leaders would find follow-ups useful, especially if your subordinates have to work in unison. By following up, you could always remind your team members to avoid deadlines and focus on what has to be done. Moreover, follow-ups also prevent your subordinates from procrastinating.

Naturally, when employees are not receiving any follow-ups from their superiors, the tendency is for them to think that they are not being monitored. Additionally, this could lead to lower productivity.

Ensuring seamless transactions with customers. Considering you are working for a client, who has required you to work on invoicing and coordination with their clients for payments, you should also learn the essence of follow-ups. It may be quite disconcerting for you to follow up regarding a payment, but remember that this is part of the sales system. Thus, there would always be a time wherein you have to remind a certain party of an upcoming bill or missed payment. You cannot always rely on the fact that your customers will remember their due dates.

Better customer service. If you are assigned as a customer support, follow-ups are also powerful in making your company’s clients’ experience better. For instance, there is an issue that has been reported to you and you have provided a solution. If you would add a follow-up treatment on how the client is doing subsequent to your support, you would definitely find him or her pleased with your relentless concern.

With the provided facts, hopefully, you would already be encouraged to use follow-ups at work. But of course, too much is never right. Thus, you should reconnect in respectable manner – professional and alike to a soft reminding.

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