Virtual Assistant Skills Are Best Gauged Through Work Than Words

When selecting a virtual assistant, you definitely have this set of standards to follow or requirements in mind. Hopefully, the list of yours does not specifically include the need for someone, who is good at speaking in English verbally (except if you need a telemarketer or someone who would speak on your behalf). Be reminded that virtual assistant skills are not limited to good English verbal communication skills.

Indeed, it is quite difficult to work with someone, who cannot communicate well. Nonetheless, remember that the entirety of a person’s performance should not be measured based on how they speak. In the end, it is all about their output or how they carried out their job.

The aforementioned statement implies that if you are going to hire a virtual assistant, you should not depend solely on how a person speaks well during the interview. You should focus on their background or on what they have to offer.

Prior to rejecting an applicant after an interview given he or she does not possess the accent you prefer, check out his or her profile first. Find out if he or she has a considerable experience you need. A good example is when searching for a web developer. Determine if the applicant has your specified years of experience in the field instead of paying particular attention to his or her grammar.

Never give in to an applicant right away due to his or her interview answers. Take note that you could already check out possible interview questions online.

If you are really concentrated on how a person explains his or her capabilities, then dig deeper when questioning. Instead of inquiring if he or she could do something, try out to be technical. For instance, if a person is really good in calendar management, he or she will not simply say he or she will ask for the date and time of a meeting to be scheduled. The applicant will explain that as a virtual assistant, he or she will have to check the availability of the calendar’s owner and avoid conflicts.

Based on the example above, you definitely do not need someone with your similar accent if website development is concerned. The person you need will not even have to speak with anyone other than you or colleagues to complete his or her work. Simply give him or her inspirations for the work, specifics on what you want to see on your website pages, and other requests, and you are good to go.

It is understandable that you are quite doubtful to give a person the job based on his or her resume or curriculum vitae alone. Then, why not give him or her a chance to prove himself or herself? Freelancers are totally open for trials. After assigning the virtual assistant a task to work on for a short period, and if he or she did not deliver as necessary, then you could decide to put a halt on getting services from him or her.

You must remember that English cannot always be a standard in appraising someone’s capability. A person, who comes from a French-speaking country, can be really good in digital marketing without necessarily having to be great in English.  In contrary, a person speaking English fluently cannot always assure a seamless work in search engine optimization.

Try changing how your selection of virtual assistant is done going forward by considering the facts above. For certain, you will end up with better talents for your company.

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