How to Be an Effective Virtual Assistant to a Busybodied Client

Clients hire virtual assistants for they are busy and can no longer handle routine or time-consuming tasks. Thus, it is expected that you will encounter someone, who would not always be present to guide you with the tasks every day and give you instruction all the time. You must remember that if you are a virtual assistant, you are prepared to become the most proactive and independent employee you can be.

It is true that you would need training or orientation at the start of your shift. Nonetheless, this implies that following this training, you have to find yourself suitable for work with as little counseling as possible.

If you are struggling to become an efficient virtual assistant to a busybodied client, you can start understanding the how-tos first. Relatively, given below are pointers that could assist you:

Set up a once-and-for-all meeting. You can term it as the once-and-for-all meeting for you will treat it as the first and last call you will have with your client. In such way, you would believe that you need to ask all the questions you need to be answered before carrying out any task going forward. If your client is totally filled with appointments, this meeting will give you a chance to at least get to know him or her. Additionally, you may even get guidelines on some parts of your work, which are quite complicated for you.

Be reminded that the said meeting is very critical. Without it, you may waste a lot of time inquiring every time and waiting for a response after every several hours during your shift. This is not a loss for you, but for your client as well, particularly if he or she is paying you by the hour.

Get as much information as you can about the firm. You would be able to carry out your tasks for a client if you will obtain as many company details as you can. For instance, you would not be able to sort out your client’s e-mails if you are not even acquainted with the people sending them.

Also, by understanding the operations of the company, you would be able to position yourself effectively. A good example is understanding that the marketing department would need your research in order for them to finalize their creation of an effective advertisement. In other words, if you are not aware that they need your input, they will also fail to carry out their part.

Start learning to organize your client. Be reminded that when your client is the busiest person you have encountered, this means that he or she needs you to organize him or her. Most of the time, their schedules are a mess and they do not even know what to prioritize in a day. This is your chance to become an effective virtual assistant.

You could begin fixing his or her calendar and taking care of scheduling his or her future appointments, so that there would be no conflicts to arise. Moreover, you should start sorting out his or her documents. In such way, in case he or she needs something for reference, it would be easier for your client to access it.

Be a representation of your client. You should be confident enough to speak with your client’s colleagues in his or her stead. In such way, you would also be able to anticipate what he or she needs. This is the part wherein you would somehow put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Additionally, if you have easier connections to your client’s contacts, you could do more things for him. For instance, instead of your client confirming a deliverable for your co-worker, you may do it instead. This will save him or her time, so he or she could focus on other tasks.

The aforementioned pointers are essential if you are aiming to become a reliable virtual assistant for your client. Indeed, it will be a rough road at first, but as you get accustomed to it, you would be surprised by how dependent your client to you already.

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