Virtual Work: Its Bright Future Seems Evident Now

If you have been aware of virtual work around a decade ago, you would think that it is nothing but a scam. Truth to be told, there are definitely a lot of offers online, which would lure you into doing some work in exchange with nothing. Many freelancers have definitely experienced loss during their initial year of working from home. Nonetheless, this does not signify what remote work really is – easier means of earning money. You just have to find the right job offer and you can find yourself getting a wage way higher than what your typical office job can give.

As time passed, more people came to appreciate the essence of remote work, not only freelancers but companies in need of staff as well. This is in conjunction with the advancement in technology. With more tools or software applications around making virtual work easier, it became more manageable for companies to take in online freelancers.

Simply imagine having employees that do not require your office space and will not even put you in tax jeopardy. This is indeed gold for many firms!

It has been predicted before that soon enough, almost every company will consider taking in home-based employees. If not, they would actually let their people work from home from time to time. Alas! It just occurred in the Philippines recently.

The President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has signed the law, Republic Act No. 1165 termed as Telecommuting Act, which provides the staff of private companies the privilege of working from home.

Under the said law, telecommuting refers to an arrangement wherein as an employee, you are allowed to use computer technologies and telecommunication at home as replacement to your typical office. It would be highly advantageous to the companies concerned as well. Why? This is due to the fact that they will not be required to even take care of the telecommuting arrangements.

Indeed, in the aforementioned setup, employees would still be mandated to report to the main office whenever necessary. Still, this is a big leap for virtual work in the Philippines.

There is more to look forward to in the near future. Simply consider the rise of more technologies for improved remote work. There are more conference and collaboration tools available today, either free or paid, which any company can integrate into their operations. These are applications that make remote work much easier. This only implies that the door for employee coordination regardless of the distance is wide open now.

According to HR Technologist’s exclusive interview to the CEO and Founder of Topia, Brynne Kennedy, the workforce will see more involvement of remove work and gig workers. Additionally, Kennedy even quoted “An effective talent mobility program and infrastructure will continue to be very important for companies to succeed in the future of work!”

With the undeniably mass acceptance to remote work, there are definitely more opportunities that await virtual assistants, freelancers, or gig workers like you. For certain, there is more means for you to be proud of being an online worker, which somehow been rebuffed before. Take pride in your work for definitely, you chose wisely to be part of the ever-evolving virtual work industry.

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