Being Proactive: A Commonly Sought Trait in Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are selected not simply because they help in more ways than how a typical office worker could contribute to an organization (e.g. being able to assist regardless of time or location). To put it simply, skills are not always the basis whenever remote workers are being assessed; instead, personality also matters a lot, or better yet, it is a priority for most employers.

You may be the most efficient virtual assistant a company could find in terms of the tasks you can carry out with utmost efficiency, but you would still be let go if you lack the trait of being proactive.

What does it mean to be proactive? Being proactive can be described as a trait that makes someone more dependable in terms of preventing issues effectively and finding solutions for further business growth. Practically, it is what an employer would need – someone that would not just follow through instructions all the time, but serve as a dependable worker regardless of being guided or working independently.

It is true that being a virtual assistant implies you are required to provide an output based on the instructions given to you. However, if your aim is to be a more efficient one, not only for your employer’s sake, but for your personal growth, you should not be contained by instructions alone. Employers always seek for a team member that is not hesitant to suggest, comment, or criticize, whenever necessary. Basically, without such worker in an organization, problems would not be solved and improvement would never be in the picture.

If you are not convinced yet with how being proactive can make you a commendable virtual assistant, then here are more advantages brought by having the said trait:

Uncovering potential critical issues easily. By being proactive, you would be able to identify certain matters in your employer’s operations that could be probable serious predicaments in the future. One good example is the frequent poor client coordination for the customer service team is not trained properly. If this will be addressed ahead of time, the reputation of the company may be saved from countless negative feedbacks that may be expected if the problem ensues.

Being the best team member one could find. With a proactive personality, you would not be dependent on people around you all the time, even if you are working in a team. Regardless of having certain tasks assigned to you as a contribution, being proactive means you are willing to step in, whenever necessary.

One good example is when one of your team members is ill and no one would take care of the documentation task. If you have the skill and time to take over, being proactive implies you would not hesitate to handle the work for the meantime.

By having the given mindset, you will not just finish your tasks or projects easily, but show how considerate you are to the other members of the organization. This will certainly create an amiable atmosphere in the company.

Opening one’s self to growth. If you are a proactive virtual assistant, you would not mind being corrected or taught on how to carry out your work much more effectively. Instead, you would actually welcome guidance and new learnings, whenever they are at hand.

A proactive remote worker would think of mistakes as a learning curve and would not dwell in them. Instead, he or she would always look forward to preventing those errors, resulting in his or her improvement. Considering your growth as a virtual assistant to be a contributing factor to your organization’s betterment is also equal to being proactive. 

A proactive virtual assistant would always be a step ahead of any remote worker regardless of experience, educational background, or number of skills to offer. By being proactive, you would not simply meet your employer’s standards but go beyond what is expected of you, making you a dependable asset to an organization’s growth in the future.