Eight Basic Tips to Make Video Conferencing More Effective

Video conferencing has been a major platform used by virtual assistants or remote workers to communicate with their clients more effectively. Since it provides a more personal feel compared to e-mail and mobile call, it has been used for meetings more frequently.

Besides the face-to-face communication experience video calls offer, there are also added features that many software applications have provided. Good examples are screen sharing, presentations, remote control, and meeting recording among others.

However, to make the most out of video conferencing, there are also tips you should follow. Here are a few that would give you benefits not only for getting the best video call experience but for work-related purposes, as well:

Schedule the call in consideration to every participant’s timezone. You should remember to check the timezone of every meeting participant before scheduling the call. Select the most convenient time for all to also guarantee that the conference would be done more effectively.

Be reminded that anyone would not be in the most stable state of mind if the call is set at a time that should have been his or her rest time. This is also a way of respecting every participant.

Ensure your internet connection is stable. Video conferencing consumes a lot of data whenever in use. This is why it is best to use a stable internet connection if you are joining a video call. Even if you believe your wireless internet is fast, it is safest to use a LAN cable during a video call.

Getting disconnected from the call may cause you and the participants inconvenience since the discussion may be disrupted. This goes the same with screen lagging and choppy or garbled audio, which are often due to internet issues.

Do not be late. You are just a click away from attending the video call. Hence, there should be no reason for you to be late given the convenience you have. Being on time is professionalism and showing concern for participants in the meeting, who may be delayed if you are tardy.

If you could join the call earlier than the scheduled time, it is much better. This is to ensure that if there are issues with the platform you are using or other matters, you can rectify it immediately. You may even position your camera well and check if your audio is working perfectly.

Make sure to look presentable. Your call is not a typical conversation with you and your loved ones. Video conferencing at work requires professionalism, which covers how you present yourself during the call.

If the meeting is with high priority people, it is best to wear semi-formal clothes, as much as possible. On the other hand, if the call would be with your team, smart casual clothes may already do. Avoid wearing pajamas, sweatshirts, or anything that is not appropriate in the workplace. This would give the call participants an impression of you not taking the call seriously. Be reminded that you are still working despite being at home.

This tip also includes checking your lighting before joining the call. It is best to test your video and see to it that you are visible to the participants. Using natural lighting is best, but if there is none, try setting up a lighting kit for your PC or laptop.

Use a noise-cancelling headset. Distraction may also stem out from the background noises heard during the call. If you do not want to put off the people you are speaking to, you should use a headset with a noise-cancelling feature. This would also make you sound more professional since your audio would be clearer while you are talking. It may even make you feel more confident to converse well.

Apart from using the aforementioned headset, you should also make it a habit to mute your end when you are not talking. This would completely avoid the participants hearing any background sounds from your end, such as sneezing, coughing, and typing among others.

Find a conducive space for the call. It is best to use an area that will not only look professional, but keep the participants from being distracted. Make sure that your background is free from clutter and less homey. If you could use a plain background, it will be much more efficient. Alternatively, you may blur your background instead, so you would be the focus of your frame.

A conducive space for video conferencing also means that it should be far from your loved ones’ access. This is for you to concentrate on the call better.

Make eye contact. Consider the video call as an actual in-person conversation. This implies that eye contact is highly necessary. Always try hard to give an impression that you are focused on the person you are talking to. Otherwise, you would appear less professional or probably not paying attention. It can be tempting to look at yourself in the smaller frame, but all it takes is practice.

Prevent multitasking. During a video call and whenever you are not required to speak, you would always have that urge to multitask. For instance, while listening, you would try to check your e-mails or messages. This should be avoided at all costs. If you do not want to disrespect the participants in the call, you should set aside others things while speaking with them.

Once you have scheduled a video conference, make sure to commit yourself to it. If you are not the speaker, listen and digest the information you are getting. This would help you exchange thoughts more competently.

Be reminded that most video conferences are being done to solve organization issues, improve operations, and nurture the team members. By following the aforementioned tips, you would be able to make every video conference successful and effective.