Seven Simple Habits That Make You More Professional

Working remotely requires professionalism as you can also expect when reporting in a physical office. Even if you are not seen by your co-workers, be reminded that your attitude at work contributes greatly to your overall performance. No matter how adept you are in your field, your personality may outweigh your skills anytime.

If you want to be more professional as a virtual assistant, there are simple habits you can start practicing now. Here are a few that you can start learning:

Be punctual always. Being on time is a simple habit but can affect your work performance tremendously. Punctuality shows how relevant you consider your work-related affairs. Regardless of the type of appointment, being on time will imply that you are proficient. You value not only your work but respect those people around you, who would be affected negatively if you are late.

Working remotely gives you more reason to prevent tardiness. You are just a click away from a phone call or video conference every time.

Avoid procrastination. If you procrastinate, it will indicate poor time management. To be more professional, you have to allocate time for your activities properly. Learn how to prioritize and set aside unnecessary activities.

If there are deadlines to meet, then you should make sure to create timelines for tasks and follow through.

Be interactive. You are not meant to work by simply obtaining instructions from your superiors or team members. You are also allowed to interact and share your ideas to make things better for the organization.

You would be more professional if you show regard for how things can be done more effectively. Exchanging thoughts to your colleagues would also promote a healthier workplace relationship since you encourage learning from one another.

Never take all the credit. In an organization, your work is not the standalone reason for the company’s success. Be reminded that every member of the team contributed to keeping the operations going.

If there are successful projects, never take all the credit, even if you took a larger chunk of activities compared to the others. Even if you are the lead, always share the triumph. In such a way, your team would not feel neglected but motivated to keep on winning.

Prevent gossip. No matter how tempting it is to talk about others with your co-workers, professionalism is all about setting aside personal matters while at work. To make this happen, consider yourself in the shoes of the person being talked about.

Instead of sparing time for gossip, dedicate yourself in bettering your productivity every day or learning new skills from your co-workers. Always consider your workplace as a training ground.

Stay organized. As simple as organizing your desk, you could actually look more professional. By making sure everything is in order, you would be free from distractions and you also create an environment that would encourage efficiency all day.

Even if you are pertaining to digital files, organizing your documents will ensure your superiors that referencing would not be an issue whenever you are working. You can carry out your tasks more effectively.

Show respect. The way you treat others, either at a higher or lower position than yours, reflects your professionalism. Regardless of rank, you should show respect to your colleagues. This is how you maintain harmony within the workplace. 

Moreover, respect can also be exhibited by following the organization’s rules. You may have a different opinion at times, but keeping mum to show respect is great professionalism unless the policies are already abusive. 

Working as a virtual assistant may appear easier since you only interact with your co-workers electronically. Nonetheless, regardless of your location, your professionalism would still be reflected by how you communicate, work with your team members, accept feedback, and behave while working.

By practicing the aforementioned simple habits, you would not only obtain a good performance record but become an inspiration to your colleagues. Your professionalism can even set forth your innate leadership.