Three Basic Tips to Speed Up Web Browsing

The internet is now an integral part of our daily lives. Web browsing has become a daily habit for some and for a virtual assistant, a crucial part of work. Therefore, speeding up a browser is a must.

Apart from software applications that can be accessed offline, clients now utilize web applications to make coordination with their remote staff seamless. Simply imagine being able to work on the same documents and apply changes with your team members simultaneously. Furthermore, web-based applications are often opted since one could access them not only through your laptops or PCs, but on your mobile phones, as well. This gives anyone the convenience to create, edit, or check their work anytime and anywhere.

There are a number of ways to speed up browsing. Some of these tips are the basic ones to keep track of, such as the following:

Keep your web browser updated. The big four browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari) release updates at an average tempo of 40 days and some less than that. Hence, a quick software update every now and then could do wonders in your web browsing experience.

Block third-party cookies. In some ways, cookies make browsing faster and easier since these allow websites to determine who you are and tailor your browsing experience based on your previous visits. However, you have to make sure to block third-party cookies as they monitor you across multiple sites and link those actions together. You will find an option to block these cookies in every browser’s setting panel.

Remove unused extensions. As too many unneeded apps eventually slow down your computer, too many extensions and add-ons can do the same to your browser. These can take up system resources and can cause bugs and crashes. Choose those that are beneficial to you, and you might be surprised by how many extensions you can live without.

The aforementioned tips are just some to keep in mind and put into practice. Remember, in this era of the internet and remote work, speed is key and to adapt is practical.

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