Why Teamwork Should Mean No Credit-Grabbing?

Even in the online industry, there will be cases that you would work with a team. Despite the lack of personal interaction, be reminded that you should still initiate teamwork. Otherwise, you may end up suffering from consequences, which could be as serious as losing your job.

When working with a partner or a team, you should remember that the client considers you as one unit. Thus, regardless of the differences with your tasks, you will likely be considered liable for the failure or success of your team members. Apparently, you have the obligation to check on your colleagues, as well. Take note that each of you has a contribution to make. It is not all about you. Even if you are done with your part, there is no project completion unless your other team members meet their requirements.

Credit-grabbing is a workplace disease that one should steer away from. Indeed, it may look good that you finished first or that you are the sole member, who managed to handle your tasks effectively. Still, this does not imply that you have the right to say that the success of your project is due to your efforts. Be reminded that as a team, you should have at least offered your assistance to your team members, who are struggling to finish their part.

No client would think that you are good enough if you ended up brushing aside your team members’ need for help, despite them not voicing it out.

Furthermore, take note that in a team, the success of one is an achievement for all. This should be a sufficient encouragement for you to ensure your team members are doing well.

Your client has his or her discretion if you are better compared to your team members. If your purpose of showing off is to climb up the ladder, kindly take note that your employer can assess a person’s capability. It is also better for you to show professionalism and care for your colleagues, which are pluses for your reputation score. A client is more critical in an employee’s personality than his or her skills. Why? Apparently, you cannot always train someone to be a good co-worker. Most of the time, it just comes out naturally from a person.

If you are confident that you are good enough with what you do, make it a reason to share your knowledge and guide your team members. This will make you a better employee.

Stop the habit of competing for yourself when in teams for this would only lead to your downfall. Instead, start appreciating the pleasure of working with people when everyone’s concern is each member’s welfare.

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