Accomplishment Reports and How These Help

Being a busy-headed person means that you would not be able to handle all of the tasks in your company at once, which could include human resources. This may include the fact you will not be able to check the accomplishments of your people on a certain day.

Relatively, this may be the reason why you would likely be skeptical of getting a virtual assistant. You may be thinking that checking on the remote staff from time to time is imperative. However, it is not.

You should be informed that a virtual assistant is trained to work with minimal supervision. It became a norm in the online work industry that as a VA, you have to work independently.

Nonetheless, if you are still apprehensive about how things would work out between you and the VA effectively, then you should know that there are accomplishment reports.

What are accomplishment reports? These are reports sent out in a document or via e-mail, which provide details on what your virtual assistant has accomplished for the day. Instead of checking each of the assigned tasks to the VA, you can simply depend on their daily report in the meantime. This works perfectly if you do not have easy access to your workspace or you are preoccupied most of the day. Take note that each of your VAs’ activities may require the use of a different software application. Thus, it is virtually impossible to access everything instantly.

The said reports are also most helpful in cases of disputes. First, it could be your virtual assistant’s reference whenever you are looking for a certain activity that should have been accomplished on a given date. There will be probable instances that you may miss out the updates from your VA, resulting in you thinking that he or she has not done anything. The report somehow gives the virtual assistant security. Second, you may also take advantage of the reports to gauge if your VA is being productive in a day or otherwise. If the latter is ascertained, then you could at least solve the issue immediately.

Accomplishment reports could be a list of tasks done during the day. Alternatively, it may also include the documents related to the completed activities, such as a spreadsheet or word file. You may freely set a format of the daily report, if you prefer.

From the given facts above, you could already see that virtual assistance may work for you regardless of your hectic schedule. In remote staffing, communication is a foundation. All it takes is making use of it in the most efficient ways.

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