Things to Remember Prior to Filing a Leave

Even virtual assistants are entitled to file leaves whenever they need to take a break from work for various reasons: illness, deceased relatives, rest, etc. However, you should keep in mind that even if being a virtual assistant does not impose lots of strict rules when it comes to leaves, you should never abuse it.

To give you an effective guideline prior to filing a leave, check out the following points:

Being the Newly Hired Member of the Firm. You must remember to take things slowly if you just started working for your client. As much as possible, you keep your attendance perfect or neat. This is to give your client a good impression, which would likely last throughout your tenure with him or her. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should sustain this habit in the beginning only.

Take note that as a new member of the organization, you still have a lot to learn. Hence, you must dedicate much of your time to get a grasp of your tasks. If you will keep on filing absences or leaves, this is beyond impossible. It will be a waste of time for the client since delays are up ahead.

Understanding Your Limit. If you do not want to make your client think twice in keeping you as his or her virtual assistant, you should avoid long vacations, unless highly necessary (e.g. you will take care of your deceased relative’s funeral or recuperate due to an accident or sickness in the hospital). Should there be a possibility to be absent in a minimal number of days, consider it. This shows that you are cognizant of how essential your presence is in your client’s firm.

Keeping It Seldom. There are virtual assistants, who tend to be absent for only a day or two but do this frequently. No matter how you think you are doing it in a clever way, know that your client will soon comment about your behavior. Take note that a typical office employee may be sanctioned for being absent in at least three (3) days for a certain period of time. You are already fortunate not to be warranted by this rule. Thus, again, do not misapply your exemption.

Making Up for Days Lost. As a virtual assistant, you are free to make up for the lost hours due to your leave. This is a good solution if you want to ensure your client that you do not want to affect his or her operations negatively due to your absence.

In truth, you may even accrue the lost hours for your leave in advance. This will enable you to carry out projects or tasks without your client fretting about deadlines.

Requesting With Respect. Always show respect whenever asking for leave approval. Enclosed in this point is the need to inform your client as early as possible. In such way, he or she could prepare, such as by finding someone to take over your tasks temporarily. Avoid last-minute requests, unless this concerns unprecedented occurrence.

Do not expect that your client will always say yes. Thus, accept his or her denial with a sincere understanding of his or her reason why.

With the aforementioned facts above, you should be able to use your privilege to ask for leaves in the most professional way possible. Remember, you are still treated as a typical employee and you should never misuse your convenience as a home-based worker.

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