Understanding the Relationship of Time and Professionalism

As a virtual assistant, you are expected to act like a professional staff or employee. Be reminded that being a home-based worker does not exempt you from behaving like a typical member of an organization. You should consider that you are only dissimilar in the aspect of your workspace.

One of the ways to maintain professionalism as a virtual assistant is to take into consideration time in various matters of your career. To explain further, given below are top pointers for you:

Meeting Deadlines. Apparently, the top thing you should consider in terms of relating time and professionalism is meeting deadlines. If you want to create a good impression to your client or employer, do not make it a habit to procrastinate. Ensure that prior to beginning a project, you have planned out the small activities relative to it without conflicts with your other activities.

Setting Appropriate Schedules. You will encounter clients, who would ask you about the best schedule for you to work. If you want the best results with regards to your performance, you should at least be available during the normal operating hours of your client’s company. This will allow for seamless coordination.

Indeed, there are already virtual assistants today that work on a flexible time, but this does not mean that this is always feasible. If your primary task is to assist your client or carry out activities alongside members of the organization, you should at least follow their schedule.

Many clients also prefer a schedule following their timezone so that they will not have a hard time reaching out to you, especially in cases of urgency.

Coordinating Professionally. If you have to touch base regarding your work or outstanding project, you should also consider time and professionalism simultaneously. How? You may do so by checking first if you could actually reach out to your employer and not just assail him or her with e-mails and messages. Always think over his or her possible commitment at the present time. For instance, you observed that every 9 A.M., he is often in a briefing with his top management members.

In the aforementioned situation, it is best to wait at least an hour or so prior to communicating with your client. Yes, leaving a message could work, but it would somehow be distracting to him. Most executives today keep their communication lines open even in meetings, but it is your professionalism that should tell you not to go overboard and take advantage of it.

Calling Respectfully. You and your client may have differences in terms of timezone, but this does not imply you can call him or her at an appropriate time on your end but the contrary on his or her end. A good example of this is calling your client during your morning hours despite knowing these are evening hours on his or her end. This is total disrespect.

There is, of course, an exemption regarding this. If your client is the one who called you first, then there is no reason for you to worry. Simply do not disturb your employer’s supposed out-of-office hours, which should at least be dedicated to his or her own or family time.

Estimating Completion Time of Tasks. As a professional virtual assistant, you should also be transparent enough when estimating the time you need to execute a certain task or project. Always provide a realistic time frame to avoid disappointments in the end. This will also help you carry out the activities more effectively. As anticipated, when things are rushed, the end result is not always considerable. Being professional does not mean you always have to impress despite being uncertain of your capacity.

With the given facts, you would already have a deeper understanding of time and professionalism. Use them efficiently when working and you will definitely not fail to maintain a good reputation as a virtual assistant.

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