Virtual Assistants Should Never Steer Away From Admitting Mistakes

It is somehow embarrassing or should you say, unprofessional, when you make mistakes at work. This is nothing but natural, especially if you want to make the best out of your day. However, you should know that there is no person, who does not err. This is the same way with you being at work. There will be instances that suddenly, you will forget to e-mail a prospect or maybe, you may miss a deadline due to your negligence in taking notes of your projects.

Still, this is typical, and the most important thing is, you should not blame yourself. Aside from accepting what had happened, you should not be afraid of admitting mistakes. Did you know that clients prefer employees, who do not feel apprehension when it comes to stating the thing they have done incorrectly? For them, a person with such character is hinting his or her desire to learn. Apparently, mistakes are lessons.

Indeed, it is easier said than done, but why you should not try doing it going forward? You would soon see how your client will appreciate more of your honesty. This is due to the fact that at times, when you cover up your errors, a bigger problem will arise.

There is a good example for this. If you are assigned with a time-restricted project and due to your rushing, you did not read the requirements carefully that you forgot a certain document to deliver during the submission date. It is anticipated that your client may even voice out that you are indeed careless in this situation, but believe it or not, if you will admit your mistake and guarantee that this will not happen again, the tension will be reduced. Your client will see that you are not someone, who protects much of his or her professional image to the point of deceiving people around him or her.

Moreover, when you open up your mishaps with your employer, you would also give him or her indication that you can afford criticisms regarding your actions. From these criticisms, you could move forward with a better mindset in the said situation.

Additionally, if you will tell the truth rather than weasel your way out of the predicament, you and your colleagues or employer will find it easier to determine a solution. Remember, if there is a touch of falsehood with your statement, the analysis of the situation could go astray.

Did you know that you could also teach others with the mistakes you made? Yes, you could, especially now that they could also learn how to cope with it the way you did. Your transparency could also be contagious, that your colleagues will not be too prideful.

Remember, it is never a flaw to make a mistake, more so admitting it. You can never be a perfect employee unless you stumble once in a while.

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