Professionalism: An Effective Key to Retaining Your Virtual Work

When people tend to become comfortable with what they are doing, at times, they forget how important their traits are when dealing with their superiors or co-workers. There are cases wherein they would think that their long experience in the field would already secure their job forever, if not, for a long time. Due to this, they become too proud of what they can do, resulting in poor socialization with their peers at work.

You should know that this also happens in the virtual world. There is a tendency for virtual assistants, who have years-long experience in the field, to actually think that they are better than others. The worst part is, this is even reflected to how they deal with their clients or superiors. They have this “Oh, I can find another work.” thinking. This must be prevented at all costs. You may think that your attitude is not a big matter to discuss, but far from your expectation, it is actually damaging the entirety of your career, piece by piece.

Professionalism is the best term that you could use to describe the trait that will take you a long way in the virtual world. Be reminded that it is not simply about being committed to your job. No, it is never relative to that alone – it can be applied in many ways.

One good example is when you actually care about your clients instead of focusing on your own good. Let us say, we are talking about Mike and Johanne, with the former being the client and the latter as the VA.

Mike provided Johanne a series of tasks, which should be the done in a week. He was too busy to actually check each of the accomplished work in every platform used. Thus, he trusted that Johanne would actually carry out whatever should be done while considering the deadline, which is by the end of the week. He also asked for a daily report to get an insight of the progress.

Unfortunately, Johanne did not adhere to the simple request of providing a report. As a result, Mike is confused as to what he had accomplished within the week. While Johanne insisted that he had finished all the work, there is no proof at all, since there are no reports and there are no outputs.

Mike decided to put a halt on his work. The situation is made worse by Johanne by being unresponsive after this decision. Instead of complying with his client’s request of report and explanation, he decided to keep mum. Despite countless messages, Johanne decided to ignore for an unknown reason.

This situation is a big picture of lacking professionalism on the part of Johanne. In the first place, he did not follow the simple instruction of his client. Also, simply because he lost the job, he would already leave the client hanging. He had committed to finishing all the necessary work. Hence, even if it all turns out unlikely, you should close the book in a good way.

Be reminded that as a virtual assistant, the end of a client-employee relationship must be expected. No matter what the cause may be, you should initiate parting ways with a good impression. If you made a mistake, admit it. If not, then defend your side professionally. As for the aforementioned situation, Johanne only showed that he is not worthy to be considered a reputable virtual assistant, for he just ruined the trust of the client. You may also say that the respect has been absent throughout the scene.

If you have respect, you should consider being in the shoes of your client. What would you feel if your staff is treating you that way? It would be disappointing, as well.

As written in the Bible, in Luke 6:31 to be specific, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

If you want to become a reputable virtual assistant, attitude is a very important thing, which includes professionalism. Be reminded that at present, most clients include personality in their requirements for a VA. This is to sustain a harmonious relationship among their employees, which leads to better operations of a company.


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