Top Traits a Virtual Assistant Should Possess

Being a virtual assistant is not something that you should take lightly. It is not also about just being your typical office-based self, but working at home. Take note that it takes a lot of things to consider yourself a reputable virtual assistant. Many do not consider how important professional traits are in the online industry, resulting in them losing a lot of opportunities or wasting jobs they could have sustained.

So, if you are looking into making yourself the best option for most clients or firm out there, you got to develop the traits that they are looking for in a virtual assistant. Given below are the top ones you should consider:

Proactive. Yes, this is indeed one of the most important traits a virtual assistant should possess. In the online world, your client will rely on you heavily, whether you like it or not. Thus, there are instances that he or she would not even be available always to train you with your work. You got to make ways to ensure you are doing things right for him or her.

As a virtual assistant, you should know how important devising your own solutions to issues is. You should practice yourself working on your own. There are VAs who only depend on what their client would instruct. This is totally wrong! Be reminded that they will expect you to know what is next based on the resources you have and training they gave.

You got to know the in and out of their operations. Study everything slowly and carefully, so that you could take a grasp of what they need from you. There is no rush in this, especially if you are new, but this is very important.

Responsive. Many virtual assistants lose their good reputation due to poor communication with their clients. There are even cases that they lose their job due to incompetence in using their messaging platform to follow up their clients regarding their work every now and then.

Be reminded that clients, who outsource people online, prefer someone who would always be there to respond to their inquiries. This does not mean that you have to be online beyond your shift. The critical period is during your reporting time. You have to be there whenever he or she is asking you something. This goes especially to those working as an executive assistant to C-level people.

At times, due to your unresponsiveness, you will end up delaying what has to be done. You would never want this to happen, for in the end, the blame will be on you.

Timely. This could refer to two things. First, it is about how timely you are in submitting your due work, which would always help your client big time, since you will not delay other functions on their end. If you can provide the complete tasks earlier than expected, it will certainly be a plus point for you.

Always plan out whenever you are about to engage in certain activities. Consider how you could actually expedite things without losing the quality of your work.

Secondly, timeliness could also pertain to your reporting habits. You should at least avoid being tardy, or making your client wait always a few minutes before you log in.

Do you know that even if you are late for a few minutes, it could already impact your image negatively? It only shows that you are actually disregarding the agreement between you and your client about your schedule. You also have to think that most likely, your client woke up early just to meet you on time. Be sensitive, too!

Respectful. There should be a great amount of respect given to your client. Be reminded that even if you are not working face-to-face, this already eliminates the need for you to give respect to your superior.

There are virtual assistants who often forget that despite Western clients prefer a laid-back type of employer-employee relationship, there is a limit to it.

As much as possible, show respect by abiding by the rules of your client. Ensure that whenever you are speaking to him or her, there are these hints in your word choices that you are is his or her employee.

Respect could also be applied when reaching out to your client in order to initiate a discussion. Never forget to consider their time zone. Always remember that it is most respectful to send a message during the working hours of your client only. Be reminded that they also leave their offices and deserve privacy in their homes.

Keen-Eyed. You should know that you are hired as a virtual assistant for your client needs someone who would pinpoint things he or she cannot see easily. For instance, in a certain project, it is not your client’s responsibility to determine the mistakes. It is now yours to identify and introduce to him or her.

Most clients do not have time focus on small things. They mostly need assistants for they want to concentrate on a bigger picture for their firm. Thus, as much as possible, you should be keen-eyed in knowing what should be corrected and done.

Always remember that your output should be perfect as much as possible. You never would want a client to repeat the work on your behalf or ask you to redo it. Take note that this will waste a lot of time and resources.

Although there are instances that you may also commit mistakes, being keen-eyed prevents this possibility in the most effective way.

The aforementioned traits can be attained as long as you commit to your job and understand the priorities of your client. Taking things seriously may mean difficulty at times, but it would take you a long way in the online industry.

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