Why Hire a Virtual Assistant


With the rise of technology, there is no doubt that soon enough, even your workforce will be composed of people who are carrying out their tasks from home.

In truth, did you know that 69% of large companies (composed of more than 501 employees) actually allow their employees to work remotely? This is based on uSamp’s recent study on the productivity or disruptiveness of the virtual office place. By implication, you can say that more and more firms are now discovering the advantages of having virtual staff.

One of the most commonly outsourced virtual workers is termed as a Virtual Assistant. Probably, you have come across this job title and possibly disregarded it. Nonetheless, you may have missed a gem that could actually contribute to your business growth.

You will definitely ask why. Then, to be straightforward, provided below are top reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant or have such person be part of your team:

You Will Save Cost. This is one of the top reasons why executives, businessmen, and rising entrepreneurs prefer to have a Virtual Assistant rather than an in-house employee. Do you know that in-house staff cost you more? Why? Good answers are the insurance and training.

At present, you can hire a Virtual Assistant and pay by the hour. In other words, you do not have to allot a certain amount of salary every month. There are even VAs who can work for a fewer number of hours when necessitated. Conclusively, you only pay for the work you have required.

Furthermore, there will no longer be office overhead for you to worry about. This is palpable given VAs work from home. No more finding a place for your staff.

You Can Get All Things Done With Just One VA. Virtual Assistants are not constrained to do basic administrative tasks, such as scheduling meeting, managing your e-mails, or answering inquiries from your clients.

They are highly trainable, giving you a chance to let them do even unprecedented tasks when needed. You simply have to explain what they have to do and you are set. All it takes is proper training.

Most VAs are also well experienced in different fields. For instance, there are ones who have background in marketing. With such qualification, you would definitely have no issue having such VA work with you in widening your exposure to your audience.

You Are No Longer Boxed With a Single Schedule. VAs are experienced working at different time zones and anytime possible. They could even be available more than eight hours when negotiated. Since they already have the convenience of working from home, these assistants do not mind working beyond normal full-time employee’s hours.

You Secure Your Productivity. Since you can already let go of your administrative tasks, which are often routine and time-consuming, you would definitely find a lot of time to spend on more important activities.

For instance, if there is an activity you definitely want to include in your firm to make it grow, you could now focus on it given a Virtual Assistant can handle your previous tasks.

Since you will also be able to concentrate on the core functions of your business, you will definitely have more means of keeping track of your progress.

You Will Have More Me-Time. There is no doubt that having someone do as much as half of your daily tasks will give you a reason to go home on time. A Virtual Assistant can even work more hours for you in a day, giving you more time to allot for your personal appointments. As indicated above, a VA works by the hour. They could be as flexible as someone who would be available immediately during emergency situations.

The aforementioned reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant solidify the study also given above. The companies who are already establishing their virtual team have definitely understood the essence of having one.

What about you? Aren’t you interested to make a change?