Tips on Better Etiquette of Rescheduling Meetings

Meetings are often scheduled in advance. However, changes in the participants’ commitments may change over time. This may be due to an emergency. On the other hand, it could be caused by alterations with the agenda for the meeting itself. Regardless of the reason, rescheduling a meeting can be a headache if not done properly.

Hence, a better etiquette in doing so should be followed. This would not simply reduce your problems ahead but ensure professionalism is sustained while dealing with the meeting participants.

To provide you tips to start with, given below are the following:

Make sure to write a correspondence. It is not proper to simply reschedule the meeting via the calendar application. This would appear discourteous and downright improper in a professional setting. On the other hand, sending an e-mail shows your sincerity in apologizing for the rescheduling matter. 

You simply need to keep it short but concise. This would be much easier for the participants to absorb. From this e-mail, you would be able to convey the reason more effectively. State it plainly and respectfully.

Avoid letting your assistant write the e-mail for apology and rescheduling. If you are the cause of the meeting changes, it is much better to send the correspondence yourself. This is how you would be able to exhibit your care for the meeting attendees, which may be your employees, as well. It is a sign of courtesy regardless of one’s position.

Use a forthright subject. Not all people are fans of using e-mails frequently. Hence, it is necessary to catch the attention of the recipients just by the subject you will use. Try using words, such as “MEETING CANCELLATION” or “RESCHEDULE MEETING.”

By doing so, you would be able to notify the participants accordingly and make them read your correspondence right away. They would know how important it is to check it given it involves their commitments.

Do the rescheduling as soon as possible. Though some emergency situations do not allow, whenever you can, reschedule the meeting as soon as possible. In other words, make changes with sufficient time for the attendees to allocate a slot for the new schedule. This would also be easier for you to check and coordinate every participant’s availability.

Provide different date and time options. Given you have caused the inconvenience to the participants, it is best to provide them options for the rescheduling. More choices would give them comfort out of the adjustment that would affect their calendars.

With the provided tips, you would be able to ensure that despite the meeting changes, you would save yourself and the participants from further inconvenience. It may be difficult to modify one’s calendar, especially one that is often filled, but if done with utmost care, all will work out accordingly.