Simple Ways to Make Your Mondays Better

Monday would always be a day that most people dread. After the weekend of respite, you would feel the need to extend your rest but cannot do so for the first work day is coming. Monday is not at fault. It is simply the way things are. This is regardless of working in the office or at home.

However, starting your week right can be done in a better way. If you do not want your start of the week to pass poorly without even making your day at work more efficient, there are simple things for you to do:

Start with a plan. Monday is a good day to plan out the entire week. By planning, you would be able to prioritize the activities that need more attention due to urgency and importance. Furthermore, it is not always effective to just work as the tasks come. This could result in you concentrating on menial work. 

You could set a timeframe for each activity you will work on. For instance, for your current social media management project, market research may be done on Monday and Tuesday. Afterward, Wednesday could be a day to create graphics for postings, and so on.

Schedule meetings or appointments ahead. If you will be meeting with people, such as clients, suppliers, or contractors, Monday would be the right time to ensure that you would not be missing a slot on their calendars. The earlier you can coordinate with them, the better.

By doing so, you may also fill in your calendar accordingly. You may avoid conflicting schedules with your other commitments. By seeing your schedule ahead, you could manage your time more effectively throughout the week.

Focus on improvement. By treating Monday as an improvement check day, you could better yourself every week. Simply review how the last week had been and you would be able to do this.

You can check the lapses you had made previously, such as managing your time poorly, delaying a task frequently, or coordinating a concern ineffectively. Identifying these problems could keep you in check throughout the week. 

Touch base with co-workers. If you are working in teams, a touchbase meeting every Monday is a good way to start the week better. At the very least, you would have social time instead of focusing on work the whole day.

You can have a small talk about how the weekend has been. Furthermore, you may even share ideas on how you could spend the coming days more productively. 

Having a personal connection at the start of the week could be a boost to anyone, especially to those, who tend to feel less driven when working alone.

Wear positivity. If you want to feel better every Monday, then you should wear positivity. Think that if you would start your week right, you should begin with yourself. Smile as the day starts and think of affirmative thoughts. For instance, instead of fearing a big project to work on, think of how you would improve your skills by accomplishing it. 

The small ways mentioned above are your means of transforming your Monday into a friendly day. Think of it as your jumpstart to a productive week ahead and a more reliable you.