Five Best Practices Before Starting Your Remote Work

Working from home is not entirely different from reporting to an office far from your place. You perform the same tasks and coordinate with the similar group of people in your company. This also implies that even your productivity should not have any disparity despite the change in your location. You are still expected to deliver results and ensure efficiency daily.

Did you know what you do prior to starting your shift could affect your overall performance in your job? This is why it is fairly imperative that you develop a routine that will make sure to help you get the best out of your skills during your work.

To help you with the aforementioned matter, provided below are some best practices before starting your remote work:

Get enough sleep. Sleep would always be a crucial part of anyone’s lives, even in terms of work. Without getting enough rest, you would not have the energy to accomplish your tasks well. It may also impair your health, making you incapable of working at all.

According to The Cost of Poor Sleep: Workplace Productivity Loss and Associated Costs, a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, an employee’s productivity is reduced due to sleep deprivation.

Also, without proper sleep, your reaction time may likely be affected, making a simple task of responding quickly in a conversation difficult for you.

Exercise. If you are a person who got used to sitting for hours during work, exercise is definitely what you need. Being stagnant will never give you either work or health benefits.

Moreover, in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, a study by researcher Tim Puetz and Patrick O’Connor showed that exercising could boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue, which is highly helpful before working. Instead of having energy drinks or coffee, you might as well resort to exercise, which is not only beneficial to your body, but also to your mind.

Listen to music. To relax your mind before starting your shift, maybe some music would keep you in check. It could boost your mood and make you feel better before reporting. This could make you feel more motivated to carry out your tasks.

Music and work have long been associated in different studies. One study in 1995 showed that the employees’ work performance of a large retail organization improved significantly when they were allowed to listen to personal stereos for four weeks. This is in comparison to those who were not permitted to do so.

According to most researchers, music makes employees feel calm and focused. This is also probably the reason why some employers allow their workers to listen to music during work. This privilege has long been associated with better productivity.

Eating a healthy meal. It is always best to make sure your body is nourished with nutrients prior to working. Though many were used to simply having a cup of coffee to start their day at work, this may not be helpful to you.

A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology stated that people who eat more fruits and vegetables would benefit their mind. You will be more creative and more engaged at work. Moreover, your mood will be lifted, which is a great perk to anyone.

Preparing in advance. This practice should always be a part of a remote worker’s routine since it could affect how your day would start. If you prepare your workspace at the last minute before your shift, you would likely waste much of your time instead of getting on your priorities right away.

Making sure your resources are set properly is one way of avoiding delays. One good example is the possible update of your PC or laptop. If you would open it early on, you would not be delayed for a few minutes or hours before working. Virtual assistants, who get caught up by automatic updates, suffer late accomplishment of work and missed meetings.

With the provided practices, you would definitely have a better day at work. Remember, it is all about how you design your routine. Do not let any poor habit keep you from performing your job effectively. Plus, the given tips above are mostly beneficial to your health. Hence, you will win remarkably in many ways just by following them.