Why Virtual Assistants Are More Effective at Work

Previously, most companies shunned the possibility of allowing their employees to work from home. For them, this scheme will never be effective. First and foremost, they care about the fact that there is no physical supervision being done. They believe that staff are best monitored when being seen. Apart from that, the said companies were not open to welcome technologies that could make collaboration with employees easier anywhere and anytime.

Due to the pandemic, the tide has turned. One could say that it became a change that has been imposed to all companies. Instead of a choice, businesses had no option but to let their people report from home. This is to prioritize safety without jeopardizing their operations.

Truth be told, it can be said that all companies have now realized that their employees or now, virtual assistants, have become more efficient in what they do due to their home-based setting. However, if you are still among the unconvinced few, here are reasons why virtual assistants are more effective at work:

No More Traffic Mood Breaker. Anywhere you may be, you would likely encounter traffic on your way to the office. This is regardless of having your own car or not. Furthermore, this can happen even if you jumpstart your day early.

According to clinical psychologist, Carla Manly, traffic is one of the external stressors that could have a ripple effect on your schedule for the day. She also added that stressful commute can result to mood changes, which will make your brain respond more negatively.

Hence, commuting to work could make or break your mood for the day. If it is the latter, expect that an employee would not perform well at all. He or she may even disrupt the harmony in the organization by showing signs of irritability.

Closer to Family Is Always Better. There is nothing better than being close to your loved ones regardless of being committed to your work. This became somewhat impossible for some people due to being based in the office or a more distant area.

However, with the work setting of a virtual assistant, your loved ones could only be a room away. This allows an employee to spend more time with his or her family, giving him or her more motivation at work.

More Comfort Means Better Productivity. Working from home is the greatest comfort an employee could get. Regardless of what you wear and where you sit, you can carry out your tasks, as long as you have your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or any other office device.

Without making much effort to prepare for the day physically, virtual assistants would find it a leisure to work, making them more productive.

An extensive international research done by Ipsos and Steelcase’s Workspace Futures Team showed that over 10,000 office workers lose around one hour and 30 minutes of productivity due to distractions, one of which is discomfort.

Being at Home Means More Safety. With the ongoing pandemic, there is no denying that it is much safer to work at home. Virtual assistants have this privilege to gain comfort while working without compromising their health.

From transport to the office, there is no assurance of protection even if you follow the safety protocols against the COVID-19 virus. No matter how careful you are, a short exposure to a positive person could still happen, especially in an office. Just by touching the doorknob, telephone, document, or any surface, you could be infected.

With the guarantee of safety, remote workers feel more at ease and retain a positive attitude while at work.

Fewer Distractions Mean More Results. Though virtual assistants are also required to work in teams, there will be fewer distractions when at home. One good example is being able to concentrate on your task at hand without worrying about noises around you.

Moreover, if you are a person, who hates gossip, constant conversations with co-workers, and even clutter, you will execute your tasks well if you are based in your abode.

Did you know that shoulder tapping is one of the most common office distractions? This is confirmed by most programmers in Quora when asked about their most common distractions during the working day.

Setting your home workspace that is free from as many distractions you could imagine would undoubtedly help you seize the day, every day.

With the aforementioned reasons why virtual assistants are more effective at work, you will definitely know why more and more companies are adopting the change. Sooner or later, work results would certainly be their concrete reason to let go of the doubt in the efficacy of employing virtual assistants.

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