How to Avoid Delaying Your Work Due to Absence

Working at home became a norm nowadays, particularly due to the pandemic. It is no longer a choice, but rather a system that has been pushed due to the incapability of people to return to their offices. Primarily, because of safety concerns and the unknown end of this worldwide crisis. With no questions asked, there is no business that would prefer to keep their operations stagnant.

Given the aforementioned facts, if you are a home-based worker, it only means that things are not literally different aside from your workspace setup. You are still an integral part of a company. Without you being at work, things could get affected. It may be a project due at a certain date or your co-workers getting the burden with your extra load.

How could you prevent this? Of course, before anything else, when it comes to getting ill, that is something that is uncontrollable. Even if you are following a healthy diet, there are certain times that you will be struck by a sickness unknowingly.

To give you a few tips on how to avoid delaying your work due to absence, here are the following:

Prepare internet connection backup. Being a virtual assistant means you should have a backup of one of the most important things you need to work from home – your internet connection. One source would never be enough. Disconnections can either be scheduled and often unannounced.

Though it is a great idea to subscribe to two internet service providers, backup in the form of mobile data can also work. As long as you can set up a hotspot and your applications are working just fine with your connection, then all is set. At times, it is all about the reception in your location.

Ensure your laptop is 100 percent charged always. If you are using a laptop, it is always best not to leave it low in battery. This is for the possibility of power outages. Some batteries may last up to eight hours or more, which gives you the assurance that even if there are blackouts, you can continue with your work.

Make sure your laptop or PC is pre-checked. Did you know that most home-based workers miss their work simply because of OS updates? There are updates that take hours. Due to that, virtual assistants can miss their reporting time or their entire shift (particularly, if they work for only a few hours for a certain client).

Instead of waiting for an update and unexpectedly face hours of processing it, schedule restart for updates at a time that would not interfere with your work.

On the other hand, there are also applications that take time to load before opening. Hence, make it a habit to open your laptop or PC at least an hour before your shift. This will help you avoid procrastination should your client require you to finish a task right after you started your shift.

The listed tips are just a few of the things you can do to prevent absences, resulting in delaying your pending tasks. Remember, being at home does not mean you are meant to be too comfortable, to the point that you will neglect your responsibility as an employee. It is always best to show that despite being in a convenient setting, your reliability remains intact.

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