How Documents Reflect the Type of VA You Are

Documents will be part of a virtual assistant’s life. These serve as means for clients to provide their requirements, whereas VAs use documents to submit their output. Regardless of the format, documents will represent whatever accomplishment you had for the day. This is the reason why one should not neglect the proper presentation of documents, no matter how comfortable you are with your client.

Primarily, documents show how organized you are a virtual assistant. You could begin with the formatting. A simple act of ensuring that the font type or font size of the texts in your document is not varying from one section to another is already a way of showing how coordinated you are. There are virtual assistants, who fail to do this. As a result, they present a clutter instead.

Moreover, you have to consider the preferred formatting of your client. There are those, who could be very keen in detail. Thus, discussing this prior to the accomplishment of a document is a necessity. If they did not provide any specifics, then you have the green light to format the spacing, font size, font type, and sections of your document at your notion.

Did you know that even the naming of your document matters? If you do not want to be tagged as an unorganized employee, avoid file names that are way too complicated. Make sure that the document name specifies its contents clearly. If including a date will make it more helpful for your client’s file management, then add it accordingly.

In preparing documents, as well, you have to select the correct format to present depending on what is required. If your client simply needs a research work with excerpts from various books, then a simple text document would work. On the other hand, if figures are involved, it is best to at least present your document in Excel or sheets.

By keeping the pointers provided, you will be able to show that being a virtual assistant does not make you less of an effective employee; that you can still offer high-quality output regardless of how simple the requirement is.

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