Traits That a Virtual Team Member Should Possess

Virtual assistance is not limited to working alone or carrying out tasks for your client individually. There will be cases that you need to work in teams. Thus, you need act as a team member and cooperate accordingly. Nonetheless, being a part of a group does not entail that you will simply handle your tasks and you are done. There are traits that you should possess in order for you to contribute well to the success of your team’s project. There is more to just receiving instructions and doing them.

In order to enlighten you, given below are the traits you should possess as a team member:

Open to Communication. You should note that even in team work, communication is a foundation for success. If you are not communicating well with your co-members, you may end up not understanding what exactly you have to do. Alternatively, they may not be aware of your concerns.

There should be exchange of not only instructions, but suggestions, propositions, and criticisms in a team. This is critical, particularly in a setting wherein all of you are working remotely. Relatively, you only depend on calls or messages to ensure a certain project is accomplished.

Friendliness. If you are too stoic, you may give an impression that you do not want to work with your team members. There is nothing wrong with establishing friendship with your co-members. In truth, this is your means to ensure that everyone is comfortable with one another, making your work more bearable, regardless of the pressure around.

Highly Professional. There will always be a possibility that not all of your team members will have the same perspective as you do. This implies that you have to be understanding at a greater extent, which can be synonymous to being highly professional. You are not meant to argue and win a discussion. Your goal is to stick by what is right and accept your mistake, should you commit one, minus the heated arguments.

Instead of simply focusing on your own beliefs, you should also put yourself in the situation of others. This is when you will have a better view of what is best for all of you as a team.

Benevolent in Sharing Knowledge. If you have been in the workplace longer than the others, you should be kind enough to assist and impart your knowledge to others. Remember, in teams, one’s success is everyone’s. If you will keep your skills to yourself, you may end up impairing the possibility of your team to carry out tasks effectively.

Whenever your team members are asking for your opinion or guidance for a certain task, do not neglect them. Instead, consider it your responsibility to train them.

On the other hand, if you are a new member, accept the learning being channeled to you. This is regardless of how skillful or experience you think you are. Note that one environment could be different from another.

Blunt. As mentioned earlier, criticisms are also exchanged among team members. Thus, if you want your co-members to improve, do not be afraid to voice out your concerns regarding their inefficient workplace behavior or need to better their skills.

In return, you should also let your team know that you are open to receiving negative feedback regarding your work. This will create an atmosphere of pursuing growth and learning rather than competition among your team members.

To sum all the points provided above, a quote from Henry Ford would definitely be ideal:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


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